Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Perceiving Life as a School

During one of my recent coaching sessions, I asked my client (which I'll call Jacob) for his perception of life.
Jacob's response was: life seems meaningless, a cycle of repetitive events. You're born, you grow up, go to school, get a career, you work all your life, get married, have kids, make money to give your family a better life, you grow old and you die. What's the point, he asks?
Yet, Jacob is a believer in God. He prays each day and is grateful for his blessings. So, what's happening here?
Oh, did he remind me of my own way of experiencing life until a few years ago.
I remember in my younger years, even though I believed in God, God felt very separate from me, very far away, very unfair, very responsible for all that was happening to me and in the world in general. I felt I had no say in what was happening TO me.
Until I had a spiritual awakening. I was searching for something more, for meaning. I was at a place similar to where Jacob is right now.
As I've walked my own path through the years, I've learned and experienced that God has been within me all along. I have stopped blaming God for all that happens.
There's a very deep and healing exercise in You University that has been key in changing my perception. This is Magic Secret # 1. Life is a school. The effectiveness of this exercise is it took me to my past, all of my life, and assisted me in finding a lesson in each life situation. This is not a lite, superficial exercise. It's more of a self-discovery one. There was a shift in my awareness of my life. That aha moment Oprah talks about, you know. The deep questions I was to ask myself: What did each event teach me? How did I grow from them? How was it important in my overall journey?
When I listened to Jacob's perception of life, I knew then and there that one of my goals as his life coach is to point him in that direction of looking for what he's learned in each situation and how it has helped to form who he is today. This knowledge will empower him to realize he is not a victim, but a creator of his own life.
Life coaching is a purposeful and growth-provoking vocation. I heal as I teach others to heal.

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  1. Healing as you teach others to heal is like the circle of life really.........great concept Savi!


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