Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Universe is Always Communicating

More and more I notice how alive and personal the Universe is. It communicates with me, if I'm aware and paying attention.

This morning as I was getting my coffee in the kitchen I was meditating on my situation. Is it time to job hunt? This "voice" inside me is an old voice, it's the voice of logic, of security, and yes, maybe reality.

As I played with this thought, I saw the Miami Herald headline for today: Florida Sees Independent on the Rise.....when I read that, I "felt" in my gut that this message was for me and a response to that logical question. I can't prove it, I just felt it.

In order to be open to these "messages", I must quiet the "logical" voice within me and listen more with my spiritual self AND TRUST IT. There is peace when I abide by the Spirit. I don't feel fear or anxiety....but, I maintain a balance between the two voices...not shut either of them out. There is a certain logic to the "logic" voice.

So, today, I continue focusing on moving forward with my purposeful goal:
  • create great income working from home
  • I am my own boss, independent
  • I am a successful You University Life Coach
  • I am part of an organization that exists to help people and better the world, You University
  • I work with like-minded people
  • I grow and learn new skills and have new experiences
I understand this is my answer today to this morning's question.

Thank you God!


  1. Your courage is quite apparent. thanks for sharing that beautiful process.

  2. I love this post! It is so cool how the newspaper headline confirmed your thoughts. The picture with this post is very beautiful.

  3. I think it is amazing that you have had such a change of thought. You are really a teacher for us all. You are taking that leap and following your faith. Thank you.


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